COVID-19, what else?

Guilherme Pacheco
2 min readMar 24, 2020


A summary of thoughts and feelings about COVID-19 in the same amount of time that it takes you to drink your espresso

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

With the virus, I wear pyjamas.
Without the virus, I dress to impress.
With the virus, I don’t get out of bed.
Without the virus, “Oh no, that isn’t correct!”

I’m at home.
For sure, I am!
But why can’t I use my perfume anymore?
“You will not leave.”
So what?!
I don’t smell well, as usual?

“I was better outside.”
But why can’t I be well inside?
Don’t tell me that this goes by quickly!
Because life doesn’t stop,
And here from the window, you can also feel the wind.

Don’t say to me that this is bad,
Because that I already heard many times.
Tell me how you are, how you doing,
I want to know about you, not about that bug,
That does not even talk,
But even if it was able to do it,
Could not tell me, what only you can.

Don’t complain about having too much time,
If only yesterday, for a lake of time you were complaining.
Enjoy the time you have,
And the one you don’t have,
It’s time for you to think, how to have it.

It’s time to think,
It’s time to reflect,
At least it’s what they say.
But isn’t it a little bit sad,
If it’s only for these days?

It’s time to remember who you love,
It’s time to remember what is important,
At least it’s what they say.
But if you call me, because you’re bored,
Why establish a connection, when you’re disconnected?

We need to be a real community,
But not to begin today,
And don’t give a shit tomorrow.
What’s the point of helping today,
And tomorrow get back to our individualistic lives?

Let this be the turn-off point,
For a new and improved civilization.
But if you excuse me, I’ll continue to be only myself.
Every time trying to be better than yesterday,
A lot of times without success.
Enjoying the most of what is given to me,
Sometimes exaggerating, sometimes too restrained.
But, even if they require me that, more than I am, I can’t be.

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